2 thoughts on “Flood Change Operations Approved for John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir

  1. Why is the natural gas pipeline allowed to cross into this sensitive area? Our Federal Government and the Army Corp of Engineers have made enough mistakes in this country and its” always the lowly residents that have to suffer the consequences. This area has alot of nurseries for our fishing grounds downstream and all around the basin they are proposing to put this natural gas pipeline. What a natural disaster it will be if a pipe leaks. This area is known as a great floodplain also, What are North Carolinians thinking by allowing this to happen.? Are Duke Energy and Dominion Power absolutely so greedy that here we go again, It will be for the betterment of the community and will bring jobs to this part of Eastern Carolina. Maybe its” time for the Federal Government to understand that some things should be left alone , Nature has to have some breathing room. Oh thats” right, the Corporate minds always think they know whats” best for the people. Come on North Carolina, DON’T BUILD THE PIPELINE IN THIS SENSITIVE AREA.


    • The RRBA is aware of the potential threat of gas pipelines to the natural resources in the Basin,(our land and water). We have been following the development closely and have already engaged with Dominion Power regarding the science and technology they will use in construction and monitoring, especially when crossing our waters. Additionally we will have the opportunity to participate and comment during the required Environmental Assessment period. Residents can be assured the RRBA will do everything it can to insure if natural gas pipelines are in fact constructed, they will be in a way that is deemed safe. This will include on -going and proper monitoring.

      Gene Addesso, President Emeritus
      Roanoke River Basin Association


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