RRBA Recognizes Board Members Expertise

Dec 8, 2017

The RRBA is extremely fortunate to have 2 of our Board Members with Science and Engineering expertise in the area of natural resource preservation and proper development.

– Dr. Tom Pakurar has advocated, reported and commented when required for us on major issues such as uranium mining, coal ash storage, natural gas pipelines and any other activity that threatens our water quali           

–   Dr. Paul Angermeier of VA Tech has recognized research expertise in the Basin ecology and fresh water ecosystems including fish, wildlife and water quality to promote sustainability.  His advice  and counsel to us on major issues including any activity that threatens water quality sustainability as well as how to best use our valuable resource has been extremely helpful.

As a result we are honored to recognize their expertise by giving them the title of “RRBA Science Advisors”.  Contact information is:

Thomas A. Pakurar, Ph.D., PEA.
recautionary Engineering Advisor
Director, Roanoke River Basin Assoc.
Vice President Technology
Hands Across the Lake
P.O. Box 1752
Midlothian, VA 23112

Dr. Paul Angermeier, Professor,  VA Tech
B.S., Purdue University (1976)
M.S., University of Illinois (1979)
Ph.D., University of Illinois (1982)
Assistant Leader, Cooperative Research Unit
VT Profile

Gene Addesso,

President Emeritus & Acting President

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