Executive Director

Scott Van Der Hyde 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128


Gene Addesso 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
President Emeritus & Acting President, RRBA

Greg Godard 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Vice President, RRBA

Rita Baird 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Treasurer, RRBA

TBD – Open
Secretary, RRBA

Executive Committee

[All Officers and other members of the Executive Committee are also members of the Board of Directors]

Angie Bezik 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Williams Mullens

John Cannon 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Virginia Coalition

Gene Addesso 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
President Emeritus & Acting President, RRBA

Greg Goddard 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Vice President, RRBA

Rives Manning 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Halifax County Commission

Scott Murray 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Director, Upper Reach

John Ryan699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
USACE, Retired

Nancy Wilson 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Director, Vance County Tourism

Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Angermeier 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Prof. Fish & Wildlife Cons., Virginia Tech University

Jessie Barksdale 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
County Supervisor, Pittsylvania County

Dan Brown 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
CEO, Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District

Diane Cox 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Director, Kerr-Tar Regional COG

Cathy Davidson 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Exec Directory, Albemarle Commission

David Dunn 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Director, VA Coalition

Thomas Pakurar, Ph.D 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
VP Science & Technology, Hands Across The Lake

Sam Pearsall 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Env. Sci. Advisor, TNC,EDF Retired

Mike Pucci 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
President, RRBA (on leave)

Tommy Roberson 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Former Mayor, Williamston, NC

Frank Ruff 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
VA State Senator

Michael Ward 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Dir. Regulatory Compliance, Economic Development Consultant

Webmaster 699049-icon-6-mail-envelope-closed-128
Pam Schiltz